Google Shopping Ads

Google Shoping Ads

White Label Google Shopping Ads

With PPC-Outsourcing, white-label Google Shopping ads services in Canada, you can reach online Google shoppers in Canada who matter the most – individuals looking for Google shopping products you’re offering. Our Google Shopping ads in Canada are infused with vital product information such as product image, seller’s name and price to attract qualified traffic before they even reach your website.


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Our Tried and Tested Google Shopping Ads Strategy

Our white label shopping ads services in Canada have helped many e-commerce businesses get maximum ROI from their ad spend and increased revenues from online sales. We endeavour to deliver optimized Google shopping ads to ensure your products are seen by the right prospects at the right times and at the right places when they type in search queries.

As part of our white label Google Shopping ads services, we design a tailored strategy after a thorough analysis of your business objectives, expected audiences and competition. Shopping ads developed by PPC-Outsourcing deliver enhanced search visibility for products, higher click through rates, lower cost per acquisition, greater conversion rates and overall profitability.

Optimized Product Feed

For our white label shopping ads services, we develop and optimize product feed so that your Merchant Center always carries the most accurate and up to date product information. The Merchant Center is the first step to running a Google Shopping ad campaign – it is the place where all your products are featured and from where Google takes information and relays it to shoppers via Google’s search engine.

We also help set up your Google Ads account from where the actual campaign is run, monitored and optimized. We can help you create ad groups, product groups and also devise a cost-effective bid strategy so you reap more benefits with the same ad spend.

End to End Management

Our white label Google Shopping ads services are comprehensive – we take care of everything including keyword analysis, keyword selection, product feed review, product feed optimization, Merchant Center development and management, product categorization, campaign monitoring, campaign tracking using advanced analytic tools, campaign adjustments, call tracking and lots more.

We provide in depth reports to demonstrate the performance of your Shopping ad campaign and furnish actionable recommendations for further improvements, if required. It is our belief that targeted promotion never fails and our Google Shopping ads experts do everything to ensure you succeed while using this relatively new and innovative digital marketing tool.

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Tap into Shopping Ad Potential

Did you know that Google Shopping ads occupy prime online real estate and appear above organic search results and sometimes above other types of paid search ads? They showcase products directly in front of your target experience. With shopping ads, there are more chances of attracting audiences who are likely to convert – and you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. As an e-commerce store owner, you simply cannot ignore shopping ads to remain relevant and competitive in the online space. Our Google specialists will help you create and manage your shopping ad campaign so you stay ahead of your competitors and attract potential customers in a cost effective manner.

Whether you want us to create a new shopping ads campaign, overhaul an existing one or desire white label PPC services, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


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