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White Label PPC Services | The Complete Package

PPC-Outsourcing offers the complete white label PPC services package, from review of your PPC strategies to creation and optimization of ads, to remarketing services, to designing and optimizing landing pages, we do it all. All of our services are 100% confidential, our focus is to help you succeed and attain your objectives, and not compete with you.
As a Google-certified partner, our experts will provide you with solutions that are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.
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Review of PPC Strategies

The foundation of a successful PPC campaign is a solid strategy. If the strategy is flawed, the results will not be great, irrespective of how well it is executed. Our PPC white label services begin with reviewing the PPC strategy you already have in place. Our experts will talk to you to understand exactly what results you are looking for and what your specific requirements are. Keeping your objectives and requirements in mind, we review your PPC strategy.
We assure you of timely project deliveries, 100% confidentiality and protection of data when you avail our white label PPC services for agencies.

Creation and Optimization of Ads

As part of our white label pay per click services, we help agencies across Canada create and optimize ads so that the target audience is effectively reached and greater leads are generated. As a certified Google partner, our experts are fully conversant with the latest innovations in marketing brought by Google. We begin with evaluating the existing ad campaigns and identifying why the desired results are not attained. Next, we ask the following questions – What is the target audience? Where are they located? What devices do they use? What are the terms that they search for the most? Using all of this information, we use the right keywords, strategically placed, to create ads that will guarantee greater leads.

You can see the results of our services across multiple search engines like Google, Bing, etc. and also across social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Our Strategic Approach

Unlike other white label PPC service providers, we take the time and effort to understand your client’s business, competition and audience behavior. We develop tailored solutions designed to generate maximum ROI from every dollar of ad spend. We specialize in providing custom PPC campaign strategies built from the ground up.

Our expertise includes analyzing business/ competition/market, keyword analysis, keyword selection, ad copy scripting, A/B testing, attribution modelling, strategic bid management, landing page and conversion optimization, call tracking, Google Shopping ads, remarketing ads and much more. We aim to increase click through rates and conversion rates in a cost effective and efficient manner so your business can improve online sales and revenues.

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Design and Optimization of Landing Pages

PPC Outsourcing has been facilitating white label PPC for agencies across Canada for many years now. We use tried and tested methods of optimization of landing pages to generate greater leads. Some of the techniques used by our Google certified experts include strategic placing of pictures and texts, using keywords of high potential on headings, publishing testimonials on the landing page, facilitating making purchases easier for users, etc.

We are committed to helping businesses across Canada achieve their marketing objectives. If you are looking for a premier agency who can partner with you to help your clients, contact us.

Contact us if you’re ready to partner with us in delivering scalable and innovative white label PPC solutions.

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