5 White Label PPC Trends You Need to Get in on, Now

5 White Label PPC Trends You Need to Get in on, Now

Pay per Click (PPC) has made the right buzzword in the internet marketing industry. As online marketers find innovative ways to lead their clients to get to the top of the business, paid search advertising is evolving from the conventional wisdom and embracing new changes.

It is very important to avail services of PPC experts who keep themselves updated with the latest trends and apply new methods to enable their clients stay ahead in the game.

Right from planning your PPC campaign to setting up Google Ads/Bing accounts and management of your PPC plan, a white label PPC agency can drive your business to get maximum traffic and conversions.

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors in 2017, here is a list of five White Label PPC Trends of tomorrow-

Trend #1: Base bidding for mobile and bid adjustment for tablets and desktop are back
With Google recently announcing changes in its policy of Google Ads Bidding that was previously limited to desktop users, advertisers can now go for base bidding and set bid adjustments for tablets and desktops.
With the increasing usage of mobiles and tablets, advertisers need to remodel the way they create ads for their target customers in order to engage them and push up sales.

Trend #2: Use expanded text ads to entice your customers
Google has recently announced changes in the character limit of Google Ads and has increased its ad text limit by two times. Advertisers now can use 140 characters of ad copy space marking the end of the present 25-35 character limits.

Now advertisers can use two 30-character headlines instead of one 25-charcater, create one consolidated 80-character description line and the landing page domain will be automatically extracted from your display URL that had to be manually entered before.

Trend #3: Go for more and more interactive advertising
Interactive advertising is a new and popular way of media-based advertising in which advertisers do not simply pitch the ads to the target audience but request for their feedback and allow potential customers to interact with companies and their advertising.

With social media marketing, video ads, pop-ups, and displays, advertisers will use more and more interactive ads to display their products to their prospects. This allows users to get a thorough understanding and experience of the product before purchasing them that enables them make the right choices.

Trend #4: Plan your shopping ads according to Google’s latest updates
To run shopping ads successfully, you need to follow Google’s latest updates related to specifications required for shopping products ads. Now you require mentioning unit prices as well as the color and size values for all items to provide a better and consistent shopping experience to users.

You can now use 100X100 pixels of image size for non-apparel products from the earlier 32X32 pixels and for apparel images the size 250X250 pixels remains.

Trend #5: Leverage the power of video ad campaigns
Video ads have become a part of the mainstream advertising. Thanks to the increasing focus by Google and Facebook on video ads, and their power to captivate the audience, making video ad campaigns is going to be a winning proposition for your online marketing. Compared to plain text ads, video ads will get you more clicks and qualified leads and it can be easily managed through Google Ads.

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