Best Tips to Improve Google Ads Conversion Rate

Best Tips to Improve Google Ads Conversion Rate

No matter how big or small your Ads budget is, the profitability of your campaigns depends on following the best Google Ads management practices. If you’re new and looking to drive high Ads conversions or even if you’re handling an account and need a second opinion, here are the best ways you can increase conversion rates and drive qualified leads.

Optimize Campaigns for Mobile Devices

It’s no secret that mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic for many businesses. If consumers have a difficult time making an online purchase or filling out a form field, they are simply going to bounce. That’s why an increasing number of Google Ads experts recommend creating a mobile-friendly landing page and providing a responsive user experience to create a strong conversion path. This would include an intuitive user experience across all device types and fast load times so there’s no friction impeding those who want to convert.

Offer Short Form Fields

Ads management professionals love form fields, but this does not mean that consumers do too. Long contact forms can be a barrier to conversions from qualified traffic. The trick is to find a sweet spot between asking pertinent questions but not take up too much of users’ time. Ads managers recommend limiting the contact form to four fields and asking only absolutely necessary information such as first name, e-mail address or comment to keep up users’ interest and encourage them to complete the process.

Implement Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have an important role to play in encouraging Google Ads conversion rates. The right ad extensions can drive high- quality website traffic and result in conversions. They can also have a positive impact on ad Quality Score. Here, the trick lies in implementing ad extensions that are relevant to your business and add value to an ad. For example, location extensions have great value for stores with a physical location and can help increase in-store conversions.

Select Appropriate Ad Extensions

A Google Ads agency may select different ad extensions to increase ad relevance. With call extensions, you can display the phone number and make it easier for users to call you directly. Callout extensions allow you to add extra text within ads – you can use these extensions to draw attention to certain products, services or special offers. Review extensions allow you to display third-party reviews within ads – they are a great way to increase your or your product’s credibility.

Offer Special Incentives

Google Ads professionals know that consumers love freebies and incentives. Even a small offering can have a positive impact on conversion rates. E-commerce businesses can consider incentives such as free shipping, discounts or free samples to attract customers and motivate them to convert. A B2B business can consider offering tools such as free e-books, guides, PDF downloads to encourage users to move further down the sales funnel.

Test Various Elements

Rigorous testing – of ad titles, ad copy, ad extensions and landing pages among others – is something that Google Ads experts strongly recommend. With rigorous testing in place, you can put out the best ad variants that will address users’ search intent, meet their expectations and motivate them to convert. Testing will also help identify problem areas so that you can take corrective steps to improve performance in the long run.

Monitor Performance and Review Data

It’s very important to monitor performance on an ongoing basis to see what’s working and what’s not working in your campaigns. Monitoring will need to be more frequent (say once a day) during early campaign days but even later on, it will need to be just as incisive, if not as frequent (maybe once a week). Once data starts pouring in, you can review and take the necessary steps to optimize different elements and work toward improving Google Ads conversion rates.

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