Common Google Ads MYTHS You Should Forget Right Now!

Common Google Ads MYTHS You Should Forget Right Now!

Are you of the opinion that Google Ads don’t get enough clicks? Do you think Google Ads is too expensive for small businesses? Unfortunately, there are many unfounded, illogical myths surrounding Google Ads and these can seriously harm ad campaign prospects. Outsourcing your Google Ads campaign to a team of certified Google experts can help you avoid falling prey to these common myths:

#1 Google Ads Don’t Get Clicks
Many businesses don’t even consider Google Ads because they think Google Ads don’t get clicked. This misconception is easily debunked when you realize that Google earns a whopping $100 million per day from their ads alone. So, definitely there are people clicking on Google Ads. However, it is important to understand that Google constantly changes the appearance of ads to attract audiences and an experienced Google Ads management professional is the right person to help your ad get noticed and clicked.

#2 Competitors Can Misuse
Another common myth is that competitors can indiscriminately click on your ads so that you end up paying more for irrelevant clicks. The truth is that it’s not so easy to fool Google as it uses sophisticated technology to detect and filter ‘click fraud’ and invalid clicks. Besides tracking IP addresses to see where they originate from, Google also provides excellent reports on Google Ads campaigns using which a white label Google Ads professional can easily expose suspicious activity and report the same to Google for further investigation. Google reimburses businesses for clicks it believes to be questionable.

#3 Number One Placement or Nothing
Some businesses, and even digital marketing professionals, think that if your ad is not getting the number one position on search engine page rankings, your campaign is a complete failure. When you outsource Google Ads to a PPC expert, you will realize that you can get good ROI even if your ad is placed second, third, fourth or fifth. PPC experts run tests to find out which position gives best ROI and analyze the data to develop strategic campaigns.

#4 Optimized Landing Page is Unnecessary
So, you think you don’t need an optimized landing page for an Google Ads campaign because Google doesn’t care what happens after someone clicks? Wrong! As you know, a landing page is the page that audiences reach after clicking on an ad and if it doesn’t contain information that’s relevant to the ad, they will be just leave the website without converting. A certified PPC management expert can avoid this by creating a fresh, customized landing page that includes a call to action.

#5 Can’t Repeat Single Keywords
At some distant point in Google Ads history, it was believed that you couldn’t have repeat single keywords for an account. Today, it’s an outdated strategy with no logical reasoning to it. Using the same keywords multiple times in an account is actually advantageous as it gives Google more opportunities to show your ad. When you outsource an Google Ads campaign, you will have experts helping you to choose the best keywords and ensuring the best placement of keywords for this strategy to work.

#6 Too Expensive for Small Businesses
Small businesses think Google Ads is too expensive for their limited budgets. It’s not free but it does allow users to budget and manage ad spend on a daily basis. It’s expensive when inexperienced individuals with little knowledge of how it works go for the highest bids without looking at other solutions. A white label PPC expert can come up with innovative solutions such as using the right long tail keywords that get website traffic for a lower bid.

To Conclude:
Life is a process of unlearning and relearning and you need to unlearn the above Google Ads myths to have a successful Google Ads campaign! There are many misconceptions around Google Ads that businesses need to ignore to develop state-of-the-art campaigns that lead to greater website traffic, conversions and ROI.