Different White Label PPC Services to Resell and Make More Money

Different White Label PPC Services to Resell and Make More Money

Small digital marketing agencies struggle with issues of time and expertise while trying to offer a bouquet of top class services. One way out is to partner a reliable white label PPC services provider and go back to focusing on their core competencies. Here are some services offered by white label PPC agency that you can use to increase revenues and provide a wide variety of solutions to clients without any dent to credibility.

#1 Conversion Rate Optimization
Website traffic alone is not enough for ad campaign success – site visitors need to be converted via sales or sign-ups. Conversion rate optimization is important to improve an ad campaign’s quality score and ROI.  It is extremely technical to achieve and many non-professionals struggle to master it, so if your agency lacks expertise in conversion rate optimization, it’s better to outsource it to a dedicated team of PPC professionals.

#2 PPC Campaign Build-UP
If you’re a digital marketing agency not having PPC expertise, you will find that building a PPC campaign from scratch is a time consuming and complex process. So if you would rather focus on your core capabilities, it’s better to outsource PPC campaign building experts who will make use of advanced data analysis tools and testing methods such as A/B testing or multivariate testing to develop good ad campaigns. If you have time and other resources, you can handle ongoing PPC management on your own.

#3 PPC Audit Services
To ensure a campaign is running proficiently, to detect chinks and to find ways to make it perform better, it’s important to conduct periodic audits of campaign settings. Not only do white label PPC service providers offer exhaustive audits but they also provide in-depth reports that can be delivered to client under your brand name. Reputed solutions providers understand the importance of confidentiality, so you can take all the credit and increase your brand equity while someone else is working behind the scenes.

#4 Shopping Ads Services
Google introduced shopping ads in 2010 and since then, they’ve become popular with e-commerce websites to promote products online. If you have a client requesting for shopping ads using Google Ads network but you don’t have the necessary expertise, outsource to a white label service provider so your client can have excellent quality shopping ads with ongoing management and optimization.

#5 Remarketing Ads Services
Remarketing ads are a great way to reconnect with audiences who have visited your website but left without converting. Using information stored in cookies, marketers can reengage this specific audience with highly targeted ads so that they come back and convert. Google remarketing ads and Facebook retargeting ads are the two most popular platforms and if your agency doesn’t have expertise in either of these, you can hire a Google Ads Remarketing agency to develop cutting edge remarketing ads.

Choose Reliable Agency

To make any of these solutions work for you, it’s absolutely essential that you partner an experienced, trustworthy white label agency offering top notch solutions. One way to know how good an agency is to test the service before offering it to one of your clients. Good white label solutions can help you increase profits, keep clients happy and gain an edge over competition.

Turn your small PPC agency into a full service stalwart – invest in white label PPC solutions today!