How to Generate Real Estate Leads with Google Ads Management

How to Generate Real Estate Leads with Google Ads Management

For real estate agents and businesses, Google Ads is an attractive platform to build PPC campaigns, generate instant website traffic, quickly close deals and earn handsome commissions. All this can happen only when you are well versed with Google Ads management.

Here are some strategies that professional Ads experts adopt – find out how your ideas compare with theirs’!

#1 Developing an Optimized Website

Google Ads management professionals know the importance of having an optimized website. In real estate language, a website is the foundation of a PPC campaign and just like in the construction industry, it needs to be strong and robust enough to support growth. Having a large, complicated website is not the answer – what you need is a simplified, user-friendly website that prospects will love coming back to.

#2 Optimizing Landing Pages

A common mistake that ignoring landing page optimization. A landing page is the first thing a prospect sees when they click on an ad. It’s obvious they clicked because they wanted to access more information related to the ad. It’s imperative that the landing page mirrors content of the ad, carries a strong call-to-action and provides prominently displayed links to relevant listings. Without these, your audiences will just leave your website and you will lose money on clicks that don’t deliver any results.

Generate Real Estate Leads

#3 Improving Quality Score

Certified Google Ads management professionals understand that a good quality score can lead to lower ad prices and better ad positions on search engines. The Google Ads platform provides quality score ranging from one to ten for each keyword in your account. Score is based on the performance of various elements including ad relevance, landing page experience and expected click through rate. Improving quality score is an effective way to generate more leads.

#4 Deploying the Keyword Insertion Tool

Most amateurs create a keyword rich heading but forget to include search term variations in the ad group or setup the keywords insertion tool in the Google Ads account. When this tool is set up, Google Ads will automatically update your ad with variant search terms in your ad group. For example, your headline says ‘Montreal condos for sale’ but people may use alternative search terms such as ‘Condos for sale in Montreal’ or ‘Condo for sale in Montreal’. By setting the keyword insertion tool, you make your ad more relevant to qualified audiences.

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#5 Choosing the Right Devices

While mobile device optimization may be a good idea for other businesses, PPC management professionals know that it is not so effective for the real estate industry. This is because real estate websites have rich visuals to attract site visitors but these don’t appear as attractive on small screen smartphones as they do on large screen tablets and computers. Mobile device optimization can lead to wastage of PPC ad spend and worthless clicks. You can improve click through rates and conversion rates by optimizing your campaigns for computers and tablets.

$6 Actively Seeking Registrations

Sign-ups and registrations are vital to stay in touch with site visitors after they leave your website. When leads register, you can use their contact information to provide educational information or information of other listings that would help them in their search.  A direct email marketing campaign is ideal for this purpose but professionals make sure they don’t hard sell as this can put off some people.

#7 Creating A Long-Term Strategy

When it comes to serving needs of clients operating in the real estate industry, proficient Google Ads management experts are prepared for the long haul. This is because over three-fourth of all real estate buyers start their search a few months in advance. Professionals develop a multi-faceted approach using different digital marketing channels to stay in front of leads.

How many of these strategies are you adopting? Need help? Contact us for real estate industry focused PPC management solutions!