How to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates with a Restricted Budget?

How to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates with a Restricted Budget?

Conversion rates are the number of sales per visit. It precisely represents the efficiency of your e-commerce marketing strategy. Invest in a reputed PPC management agency that will conduct research and offer actionable advice to improve your e-commerce conversion rates. Here are a few simple and cost-effective ways to increase your conversion rates within a restricted budget:

Optimization for an Increased Conversion Rate

It’s important to attract a healthy audience to your webpage with a high SERP and link building for maximum brand exposure and conversion rates. However, purely focusing on drawing views is insufficient. You need to ensure that your webpage is optimized to access maximum sales opportunities. Since you’ve already invested in optimization services, optimizing for an increased e-commerce sales conversions won’t add to your budget. 

Here’s how e-commerce conversion rate optimization works. 

  • Make use of simple and relevant keywords that do not affect the flow of written content. This ensures that the message is well received by the reader without any confusion.
  • Make use of written content with a well-defined underlying purpose of selling a particular product or service.
  • Avoid the use of any smoke and mirror tricks to fool customers as it’s usually a put-off.
  • Ensure a quick and easy purchasing process to prevent buyers from changing their minds.

Use of Video Content to Engage Your Audience

Video content is a great medium for maximum audience engagement. It can easily be self-made using a smartphone and few other types of equipment, thus making it cost-efficient. Many businesses use video content to convince customers that their product or service is worth buying. You could also use this medium to develop a personality for your business and form a personalized relationship that strengthens customer trust. 

Here’s how you use video content to increase the e-commerce conversion rate:

  • Add informative presentations and demonstrations on your product/service.
  • Display personal testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers on your web page.
  • Create excitement by live streaming business events and product promotions.
  • Establish a personalized connection with the audience by recording behind-the-scenes videos.
  • Display Q&A’s to answer commonly asked questions to reduce purchasing hesitation.

Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

Given how people are rapidly evolving in the field of technology, establishing a strong social media presence is both necessary and highly economical. Implementing sales plans across numerous social media platforms will not only keep you connected with your customers but is also a way to maximize your sales conversions.

Here’s how you can leverage Google shopping ads services to create a strong social media presence.

  • Connect with your audience by sharing personalized videos.
  • Sell your product and service by writing informative and convincing blogs. 
  • Liven up unappealing stats and data by using attractive info-graphics.
  • Catch a user’s attention while they are browsing by frequently posting.

Use Other People to Influence the Public

Using the people around us is not only a cheap or potentially free way to increase the e-commerce conversion rate but also a highly effective method to gain public attention for your product or service. Customers who are happy with the product often tend to leave positive reviews and testimonials, especially when your product exceeds their expectations and you deliver professional service. Your employees are a valuable asset especially when it comes to product/service knowledge. Therefore, they can help implement brainstorming ideas and strategies to increase your e-commerce conversions from an alternative perspective. They can also be used to promote your business, and since they are already being paid; they won’t add to your modest budget. Social media Influencers and followers are another effective technique you can use to capture new audiences, propagate affirmations, and endorse your product or service. Offer incentives like product benefits or service discounts in exchange to keep in line with your restricted budget.

Here’s how you can use other people to attract customers and increase sales.

  • Organize fun and rewarding hashtag and photo challenges for your followers to endorse your brand. 
  • Promote your product satisfaction by adding positive customer reviews and video testimonials to your webpage. 
  • Ask your employees to devise and implement creative ideas and smart advertising strategies to increase brand exposure and increase e-commerce conversion.

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