What is PPC Management for a Small Business – A Short Guide

What is PPC Management for a Small Business – A Short Guide

What is ongoing PPC management? How does partnering a professional PPC management firm benefit small business? Have questions such as these but don’t know who to ask? Below is a comprehensive guide to help you make the right decisions and supercharge your PPC campaigns.

What Is Ongoing PPC Management?

Ongoing PPC management is the process of continuously monitoring and analyzing PPC ad campaigns as well as overseeing PPC ad spend to ensure their effectiveness and profitability. PPC is an evolving field and though perfect optimization is not possible, digital marketers put in continuous efforts to optimize campaigns.

Need for Ongoing PPC Management

PPC campaigns are not set in stone and if left alone, can stagnate and lead to diminishing returns. Hence, their performance needs to be reviewed and optimized to maximize ROI and plug ad spend wastage. Through ongoing management, PPC marketers identify areas that can lead to more profits and areas that are bleeding ad spend. By implementing changes, they try to ensure a steady stream of ROI, if not enhanced profitability.


Identify Appropriate Advertisement Platform

A solid PPC strategy starts by identifying the right platforms to advertise on. AdWords is one of the most popular platforms for implementing PPC campaigns. Effective PPC AdWords management is a complex beast and success depends upon several interconnected elements such as keyword research, competition analysis, monitoring performance reports, negative keywords, and A/B testing among others.

Keyword Research and Analysis

A good white label PPC agency emphasizes on keyword analysis because this helps discover highly targeting keywords that are relevant to the business and search terms entered by prospective leads on popular search engines.

Keep Track of Competitors

Competitors keyword analysis


Competition analysis or monitoring the strategies and tactics deployed by a competitor is also important to increase campaign effectiveness. For example, it can help identify keywords a competitor is overlooking or decide whether to bid on same keywords.

Review Campaign Reports

Campaign reports contain vital data and valuable insights on current performance. Using these, a PPC agency can get to know areas for more profitability and areas that need to be plugged. For example, PPC audit experts analyze search terms reports to identify which keywords are being used most often and can then decide to aggressively bid on those keywords to increase profitability.

Eye on Overall ROI

An important task of a PPC agency is to keep an eye on the overall ROI being generated by an AdWords account and use that information to increase or decrease the number of campaigns. It also helps in budget allocation to different campaigns provides them with a guide for bid strategy.

Extensive A/B Testing

A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of PPC AdWords campaigns and optimize PPC ROI. Variations of Ad copy, ad headline, landing page, graphics among other elements can all be tested against each other to find the best performing one.

Increase Campaign Effectiveness

Because of the added expense, a small business may balk at the thought of hiring a PPC management agency to manage their PPC campaigns. However, by hiring a team of experts, you would be able to increase campaign efficiencies and get maximum juice from your ad spend – in a way, the services would pay for themselves through the money saved.

Access PPC Specialists for Each Task

A dedicated PPC management agency would have specialists for each area. These specialists are trained in best practices and stay up to date with the latest developments. For small businesses, partnering a PPC agency is a great way to implement cost-effective PPC campaigns and compete with large businesses.

Who Can Benefit From Outsourcing?

Outsourcing PPC

Outsourcing to a PPC management company makes sense when a business is new to online advertising or when a business does not have a full-fledged in-house advertising team. Small businesses that do not have sufficient manpower to ensure end-to-end PPC management can consider outsourcing to a PPC company. SMEs lacking financial resources to invest in expensive software or training can also benefit from outsourcing.

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