White Label PPC Experts Can Help You Promote Mobile Apps with Google Ads

White Label PPC Experts Can Help You Promote Mobile Apps with Google Ads

Creating an amazing mobile app that people will pay for is hard. Getting it in front of interested users is even harder. Thousands of apps are being submitted every day to app stores. You really need to promote your mobile app to get noticed. If marketing is not your strong point, white label PPC management experts can help you with a tailored Google Ads “mobile app install” PPC campaign.

Google Ads for Mobile App Advertising

Google Ads is popularly used to promote websites but it can also be a powerful platform to drive mobile app installs. Google Ads allows users to advertise mobile apps and offers several options for high-quality targeting. If you’re unfamiliar with how you can use Google Ads to promote your app, partnering a professional PPC management services provider can help you get maximum ROI.

Set Up Conversion Tracking

The first step PPC management experts take is setting up conversion tracking. With this, they’re able to monitor cost per install.

  • Setting up conversion tracking is important if you want to use the ‘Conversion Optimizer’ feature to lower cost per install.
  • Conversion tracking set up is different for Android and iOS apps and it can get technical. You may want to take your developer’s help to take care of integration.

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Search or Display?

You may create a mobile app install campaign on the Search or Display Network.

  • If you’re targeting the Search Network, you will need to use keywords related to your app.
  • On the Display Network, you can advertise your app within other apps.
  • Both platforms work well for this type of campaign but it has been observed by Google Ads managers that the Display Network generates more download volumes than the Search Network.

Create New Campaign

Create New Ad Campaign

This article focuses on mobile app install campaigns on the Display Network.

  • From the interface of your Google Ads account, click on the red + Campaign button and select ‘Display Network only’.
  • Decide on a campaign name and enter that name. From the list of options for Campaign type, select ‘Mobile app installs’.
  • Go to the ‘Select app’ option and find the app (from Google Play store or Apple app store) that you want to advertise.

Customize Device Targeting Settings

Create New Ad Campaign

Based on what’s compatible with your mobile app, select the appropriate operating system versions and device models.

  • You have the option to target all available carriers and Wi-Fi connections or specific carriers.
  • In case your mobile app has a large size file, PPC management services providers recommend targeting wi-fi connections only.

Bid Strategy, Daily Budget and Delivery Settings

Bid Strategy Setting

For Bid strategy, select the ‘Focus on installs (Conversion Optimizer) – use CPA bids’ option.

  • CPA refers to the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on a single mobile app install.
  • Enter the daily budget you have in mind.
  • Select the correct location settings and language setting for delivery method.

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Creating an Ad Group


Enter the chosen name for the ad group and enter target CPA for the ad group.

  • For a new campaign, white label PPC management experts recommend starting with a higher CPA.
  • If you aim for a very low CPA at the beginning of a campaign, Ads may not select your ads for showing.
  • CPA can be lowered once you start receiving some traffic and installs.

User Targeting Options

Once you enter ad group name and target CPA, you can select how to target potential app users.

  • A good idea is to select the default setting ‘Show my ads to all potential app users’.
  • This will allow you to collect some data. Later, you can create additional ad groups using other targeting options like ‘Interests & remarketing’ or ‘Placements’. 

Mobile App Install Ad Creative


Google Ads offers different ads templates for you to choose from.

  • The simplest way to get started is to select the ‘App install ad’ option. For this option, you don’t need any image or video content.
  • Fill in the fields for ‘Headline’, ‘Description line 1’ and ‘Description line 2’.
  • Click review and finish so Google can check your conversion tracking set-up.

Connect with users app users today! Partner your trusted white label PPC services provider and get your campaign off to a flying start!